Modimar Srl is a company specialized in hydraulic and maritime engineering, with extensive experience in Italy and abroad in the design of hydraulic structures such as dams and river protection, and marine works such as ports, breakwaters, jetties and integrated systems of coastal defence.

The Company is able to provide assistance throughout the whole project development, from the planning and feasibility study, including field surveys, up to the drafting of the different design phases, from the preliminary to the final, execution and construction design and work supervision. Modimar also offers consultancy services in all areas of hydraulic and maritime engineering, with particular attention to the solution of complex problems in which it is necessary to use non-routine procedures.

In more than thirty years Modimar designed and supervised the construction of many hydraulic and maritime works in different geological, geotechnical and environmental conditions. In these contexts Modimar developed innovative solutions, also through research activities calibrated and applied to specific cases, after comparative analysis of different alternatives, also in relation to specific environmental conditions with due knowledge of each individual functional and construction aspect of the works. Modimar, thanks to its constant awareness to the progress of hydraulic and maritime engineering, is able to develop original solutions to not conventional problems, mediating feasibility with experience.

The Company has all the resources for the performance of the different steps to support the design and execution of the works, from topographic and bathymetric surveys to the computerized processing of graphics and computational programs using commercial software and developed in-house. Modimar is also in connection with the most advanced research institutes and foreign laboratories and can act as a bridge with the client for the necessary experimental investigations.

Porto degli Argonauti (MT)
Porto degli Argonauti